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After establishing themselves in the hospitality industry, Nashville-based founders, Mason and Curt Revelette, decided to embark on their journey to create their own private wine label. As restauranteurs, the Revelettes have had the opportunity to taste countless wines for their restaurants. The Revelettes only select quality wines for their restaurants, particularly, their concept known as The Rutledge. Mason found himself to be particularly fond of the notes of dark fruit, plum and black currant that the Rutherford region of Napa Valley offered.


After years of research and studying, the Revelettes started production on their first year of selections. Initially, the brothers envisioned Revelette Wines as a passion project and only planned to sell the wine in their restaurants. However, when presented with the opportunity to present the wine to be placed at a five-start luxury hotel in New York City, plans changed. Within months of receiving some of the first bottles, the wine had been picked up by two five-star hotels. Needless to say, what started as a passion project turned into much more. 

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Revelette Wines_Rutherford Grapes.jpg

Revelette Wines is a premium wine producer sourcing grapes from the heart of Napa Valley. The Revelettes' approach to procuring exceptional wines is simple – source the best grapes.


With a love for Cabernet Sauvignon, Revelette Wines sources its fruit from the widely recognized viticultural region of Napa Valley – Rutherford. This famous sub-region of Napa Valley is located at the valley's widest point making it the sweet spot for Cabernet grapes. Rutherford's geographic placement exposes the grapes to the most sunlight in the valley yielding robust and complex flavors. 

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