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Mason & Curt Revelette Launch Private Label Wine, “Revelette”

Nashville-based restauranters, Mason and Curt Revelette have launched their own private label wine named “Revelette.” With the growth and development of the Revelettes’ second restaurant concept, The Rutledge, Mason Revelette saw the modern American dining experience as the perfect outlet for a private wine label. The Rutledge offers a wide variety of fine wines from around the world; however, the offerings favor Napa Valley.

With the experience of crafting wine lists for both the Cool Springs and downtown Nashville Rutledge locations, Mason knew the exact wines he wanted to create. During the long weeks of COVID shutdowns, Mason’s entrepreneurial instincts did not rest. It was then that he began to craft his wine brand, Revelette.

Mason alongside fellow entrepreneur, Kathryn Byrd, used their passions for wine and business acumen to create exactly what Mason envisioned. As a licensed attorney, Kathryn utilized her knowledge of alcoholic beverage laws to navigate the licensing and compliance aspects of the wine business, while Mason used his refined palate and knowledge of the hospitality business to create wines of exceptional quality with modern, yet timelessly sleek, branding.

Revelettes’ approach to procuring exceptional wines is simple – source the best grapes and blend with intention. With a love for Cabernet Sauvignon, Revelette Wines sources its fruit for Cabernet Sauvignon from the widely recognized viticultural region of Napa Valley – Rutherford. This famous sub-region of Napa Valley is located at the valley's widest point making it the sweet spot for Cabernet grapes. Rutherford's geographic placement exposes the grapes to the most sunlight in the valley yielding robust and complex flavors.

Cabernet Sauvignon is just one of the wines Revelette offers. The Revelette Red Blend is a unique blend that breaks the mold from a typical Bordeaux styling and is comprised of predominately Petit Verdot. This unique blend has an inviting nose followed by an intriguingly complex body. With tasting notes of black currant, tobacco and juniper, the body of the wine is familiar to the pallet of Cabernet Sauvignon drinkers, but also approachable for Pinot Noir drinkers.

In March of 2022, Revelette 2017 Red Proprietary Blend and Revelette 2019 Cabernet Sauvignon hit the on-premise market at The Rutledge in Franklin, TN and then the concept’s Downtown Nashville location in June of 2022. Both wines quickly started out performing sales of other iconic Napa Valley wines. Initially, the plan was to only sell Revelette at The Rutledge restaurants. After gaining the attention of Amy Racine, beverage director for JF Restaurants, Revelette Wines earned opportunity for placements outside of the Revelettes’ restaurants. What started as an entrepreneurial passion project quickly shifted into a legitimate business.

After being in the business just short of a year, the Revelettes are thrilled to announce their wines will be available at ARDOR at the West Hollywood Edition, EDGE Restaurant at Four Seasons Hotel Denver and Truss at Four Seasons Hotel Napa Valley. Mason and Kathryn continue to travel and expand the brand into different markets including Las Vegas, Miami, New York City and more.

Revelette is currently available for purchase online at For inquiries about tasting & purchasing the wines, please contact Kathryn Byrd (

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